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A Few Painting Techniques Artists Use, Explained

Sheer skill aside, artists must find the best materials and tools to actively translate their vision onto a canvas.

Saatchi Art artists employ a range of tools, mediums, and styles to create stunning and unique art. While the range of modern tools provides endless variation for style, there are a few basic techniques used in contemporary painting. If  you’ve ever looked at a painting and wondered how they got the paint so thick, or achieved such delicate detail, let’s take a deeper look, explained by a few of our own.

Artist: Czar Catstick 

Artist, Czar Catstick, is part of a growing band of artists who paint in the digital medium. While some of his works involve digital mashups of iconic images, his most popular series, “Fizzy Pop,” employs the 19th century technique of pointillism for the 21st century digital age. The works are made up of hundreds of digitally hand-painted points, creating an almost surrealist-feeling composition.

“The ‘Fizzy Pop’ pointillism style paintings are a particular group, part of a larger collection of artworks which came about whilst experimenting with digital brush strokes and styles. It was essentially a ‘happy accident’ (like much of my work), and there is much more to be explored.”

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Czar Catstick works as part of The Emperor’s New Clothes Collective and is a Photographer, Designer, Fine Art Printmaker and New Media Artist.