Jack Smith


Stewart* aka Jack Smith & The Emperor's New Collective is a London Based Artist using a range of traditional and digital techniques to create Surreal, Lowbrow & Urban Pop Art including the new Sugar-DADA, Fizzy POP and Bauhaus London Series.

"I need to create art that is satisfying and true to my own ideas. Rather than coming up with contrived marketing, I am building a solid body of work, something that I can proudly speak about, describe, and explain. Work that emanates from within, full of passion that I can build from for years to come. I am creating a career, not individual, independent, artworks. After working in a corporate environment for many years it has given me the freedom to feel inspired at will. Recently, I have been experimenting with new digital paint techniques impossible to create by traditional means. Most importantly I am having fun doing it. I hope it shows."

Commissions include a large 7ft Geometric 'Bauhaus' canvas for offices at London Bridge and a large (119.0x84.1cm) Digital Painting of Architect James Adam (21 July 1732 – 20 October 1794) now hanging in the main Drawing Room of the building designed and built by him in Portland Place, London.

Although traditionally trained, the art world is a new venture after spending many years working as a Special Effects and Post-Production Artist and Designer for the Film and Television industry. I am now creating artwork, digital collages and paintings using my experience and skill-base to hopefully create new and inspiring artwork which is a pure mesh of modern technology and traditional art practices.

Many of my themes reflect on this: Lowbrow Art and Kitsch studies, an eclectic mix of portraits of TV Personalities, Actors and Icons and a new series of 'Fizzy-Pop' Portraits including David Bowie, Alan Turing, Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth, Marilyn Monroe, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Einstein, Audrey Hepburn & Nina Simone.
I have also recently re-visited my original London Photographs to produce the Abstract Spot Painting & Stylised Geometric Abstract 'Bauhaus London' Artworks. I am quite prolific and for this reason, limit my work to very short print runs or Monoprints including test prints at the start of a new series.

I understand that collectors can be a little nervous investing in New Media Artists. I can assure investors that my Limited Editions will always be limited and as such hopefully increase in value. I also tend to move ahead quickly with new series and although I may re-visit work it is always made unique from any original editions.

I don't have enough hours in the day to produce the work in my head. The name? Well... as might be implied... I was a bit sniffy about the art industry when I first started out a couple of years back. The name was a joke - a gentle jibe and a little dig at this seemingly snobby and pretentious world.. I am now part of it, apparently.. oops!

*Stewart: Artist and Director at Big Fat Arts (BFA Gallery), an Online Art Gallery Destination, presenting works from Contemporary Artists including Czar Catstick, Jack Smith, Hertz Van Wental and Baxter Cane.