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A great way of investing in Original, Affordable Art.

Editions are sold as either Open, Gallery or Limited Editions - this information will be shown on the artwork/product page.

1. Open Editions & Giftware

Digital Open Edition Prints are printed on a range of Fine Art Papers using Archive Inks. Print stock will clearly be shown at point of purchase. As the name suggests; there's no limit to the number of prints issued. These prints are unsigned.

Borders are at 10% of respective sizes - eg a 30 inch square print will have approx 3 inch borders and a 60cms x 70cms print would have approx 6cms x 7cms borders. Any questions: Contact HERE

Digital Open Editions are a new concept where the cost is kept low by using an automated process. An inexpensive way to collect fine art prints produced with the very finest art papers, using museum quality archival inks.

Open Editions are also available via third party sites such as Saatchi Art, Artling, Fine Art America and Society6. Fine Art papers and different surfaces (including wood and metal) - Framing options are available through these sites. (See Links below)  

2. Gallery & Limited Editions:

Gallery Editions are hand-signed and dealt with personally by the artist - sold as small runs (often below 25 copies per edition). Both Gallery and Limited Editions Include Certificates of Authenticity. 

Buy Gallery or Limited Edition Prints if you think the artist is worth investing in and budget is not a primary concern. These Editions will hopefully not only hold their value but may even increase in value as the Artist and Gallery gain more recognition.


High End Fine Art Gallery and Open Editions are available via Saatchi and Artling
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There are two galleries representing both Czar Catstick and Alter-Ego Jack Smith - Custom printing and framing also available via these links:
Czar Catstick

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Jack Smith

Happy to announce a new partnership with Artling Galleries starting in 2022
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The Artling is an international Art and Design consultancy and online gallery focused on highlighting the best of contemporary art and design.

The Artling is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Shanghai and Zurich.


- All Print-on-Demand Collections -

Society6 or Pixels.com (PrintHub) for printing and giftware including framed prints, clothing, homewares and gifts.
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Indiewalls: for people looking for bespoke arts projects for commercial and residential properties.
Request full-service concept development and end-to-end project management from the team of curators at Indiewalls. Custom printing and framing also available with this link:
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Artist: Czar Catstick and The Emperor's New Clothes Collective.


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