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Signature Piece - Digital Painting*

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Collection: 'Latest This Week Collection' via Saatchi Art - 17th May, 2021

Limited Editions HERE

Saatchi Collection HERE

Artworks curated by Rebecca Wilson: Chief Curator and VP, Art Advisory at Saatchi Art 

*Digital Painting - start of a new series of Pop Art Abstracts. This is an experimental early proof using new media, digital techniques to mimic traditional paint effects. I have used an abstracted version of my signature set against a 'pop pasta' spaghetti background. Bright, strong bold colours with a 'Pop Deco' aesthetic.

This edition is offered as a large 30 inch square monoprint so that collectors have the opportunity to buy work at the definitive, early stage of a new and important collection of works. These artworks are also available as 'Limited Editions' only available via this site and 'Open Edition' prints in various sizes and formats via Saatchi.

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